Lucy Petrey Fund

Benefitting The Education Fund’s Teacher Programs

The Lucy Petrey Fund
Benefitting The Education Fund’s Teacher Programs

AG亚游集团官方网站自豪地宣布成立一个基金,以纪念长期担任董事会成员的露西·佩特雷, who has supported the work of The Education Fund in so many ways. Lucy was the perfect board member, one who always lent a hand, provided leadership without the title, and made people feel better about hard work. She’s always volunteered to help teachers. Whether was at our annual EXPO, giving teachers grant writing workshops, handing out checks at our teacher award ceremonies, or editing teachers’ submissions to our Ideas with IMPACT catalog, Lucy was always present.

Lucy also engaged others to support our work in public schools. Her friends were often corralled, with promises of brownies and other delights, to help with our teacher programs. We are honored by their continued participation. For decades, Lucy’s husband, Rod, and their daughters, Susan and Sarah, 使露西对AG亚游集团官方网站的热爱和对公立学校的支持成为一件以她的名义继续下去的家庭事务. 露西总是把她富有感染力的幽默与深邃的智慧和敏锐的焦点结合在一起, to all of her numerous activities, including chairing our program committee, introducing new people to the importance of public education, and successfully securing significant funding to support our work with teachers.

Lucy’s efforts have touched the lives of countless teachers and students, 她对生活孜孜不倦的热情和对改善我们世界的不懈承诺对所有人都是巨大的鼓舞. AG亚游集团官方网站董事会和全体员工很荣幸地向露西·佩特雷颁发露西·佩特雷基金, which will support our public school teachers and their students for many years to come.